Friday, June 27, 2008

Damn You Weather! You've Inconvenienced Me For the Last Time!

So there's been some bad weather around here lately, which doesn't surprise me; this is summer in Nebraska, after all. A few weeks ago a tornado touched down the-square-root-of-two-miles from here (yes, I crunched the numbers AND used the Pythagorean theorem. Thanks Mrs. Hiykel) but nothing happened at my house. Later, another tornado in Iowa, and though they made us take dubious cover at work, nothing happened there, either. Today, though....

81 mph winds, and no power at work--where I was, again. Since power wasn't expected to be on for several hours, once the storm passed they sent everyone home. Sweet, free night off, right? Yes, it was sweet, until I got in my car. Then I saw what had really happened:

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That's a frikkin' tree, in my frikkin' way! It took me two whole minutes to get around it!

This state sucks. I'm moving somewhere where things like this never happen. I hear California's got a really nice climate...