Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Welcome, little one

Well, my sister had her baby, Ethan Scott. Six pounds, seven ounces, all cute. This post, therefore, is photos of the young one.

First, here he is in the arms of Uncle Pat:

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Here's young Ethan, being held by "Uncle Dadoo." (That's me, and yes, I'm wearing a Creature From the Black Lagoon t-shirt).

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Here's a photo where I tried to get artsy-fartsy. Yellow flowers, with the newly expanded family reflected in the window.

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Finally, Mom, Dad, and Ethan. Ness, my other nephew, was busy playing with the bed controls, and didn't want to be in this picture.

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And now, videos!

First up, Ethan, Uncle Pat, and the Acme of Cinema

Secondly, me holding him again, and Ethan sneezing. It may not seem special, but DARN it's cute. (oh, and the "background noise" comment...Dateline NBC was on TV in the background, catching more predators.)

The final video is Ness, Ethan's big brother, holding the new baby, before Ethan goes to Daddy for some quality time.

As always, thanks to my readers, especially for indulging me in this bit of sentimentality.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dang...too cute. Okay, perhaps a bit prejudiced in my opinion since he happens to be my grandson! I really enjoyed the Darth Vader cut-away. After all, that was "Uncle Dadoo's" very first movie. But that is a story for another day.

7:43 AM  
Blogger Pearson said...


I liked the little guy. The post was nicely laid out with the spaces and comments between the pictures. I always just lump everything together. Yours had a good story effect.


7:08 AM  

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