Sunday, October 22, 2006

Woohoo! I have a blog. Aren't I special? Now, to look into that "Myspace" thing I keep hearing about.

Why the Metaverse? Because Neal Stephenson is a frikkin' genius. Seriously, read Snow Crash, it'll change your life. And incidentally, the only reason I'm not using my normal nom de plume, Hiro Protagonist, is that someone beat me to it. So I've picked my other favorite Stephenson character, from the brilliant Baroque Cycle.

So what's this blog about? I don't know. I suppose I'll talk about...well, whatever. Movies, TV, books, my moron of a boss...whatever floats my boat on a particular day. I doubt I'll ever get many readers, anyway.

At this point, I'll shout out to a couple of my friends, Mike and Chad. Mike runs Captain Wow and the Movie Blog of Doom and Chad runs a newer one called Inevitable Disasters. Check 'em out. Both of these guys prove how weak my nerd-fu really is.